Will we rise again?

Contribute to take security back, spread the word

POST_18-IMG0When tire-burning, blocked roads, bombings, assassinations and wars become a nation’s daily life, what can you expect?

A population that is infested with psychological illnesses that are unique to the country.

Whole generations are leaving the country for a better future and opportunities, searching for a country that respects their ambitions.

I was once a helpless dreamer, full of hope, judging everyone that leaves the country for giving up and abandoning it. I always said “your country is not a hotel”, but today fear and anxiety won over me, and I have to face a very harsh reality. Lebanon entered a state of big turmoil and might not get out of it. And for the first time, I do not know if we can be resilient enough. We are tired. Will we rise again?

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Contribute to take security back, spread the word