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Is your health information private and secure?

POST_12-IMG0Health information is a top priority for the patient and his family.

Persons and organizations that handle health information are required to abide by policies and security safeguards to protect the medical records, whether they are stored on paper or electronically.

Setting privacy rules for the medical records is imperative and the patient play an important role in controlling who has access to his health information in many situations.

Doctors, nurses, clinics, insurance companies have access to these records, but the patient has to set limits and rules on:

Privacy: how his health information can be used and shared with others. For instance, the records are shared with the doctors, nurses, hospitals, programs for protection of the public’s health, and organizations directly related to providing care for the patient. It can never be shared without the patient’s consent with his employer or anything like sales, calls, advertising or any other purposes unless the patient gives the authorization.

Security: how his health information must be kept secure with administrative, technical, and physical safeguards. Audit trails should exist for medical records in order to know how, when and by whom was the information altered, including the medical test results, diagnostics, prescriptions, …

 Protect yourself; ask to protect your information!

Lebanese Security Practitioners on Twitter

POST_6-IMG0In this week’s blog post, I’m publishing a first list of Lebanese security practitioners that are on Twitter regardless of their number of followers or tweets.

My sincerest apologies for all those that I may have missed. This is a fully reversible mistake.

In the future, I will compile a list of Lebanese security practitioners that are on LinkedIn.

Twitter is a great tool to share information and knowledge about security and risk management related issues. Having this list in one central place will hopefully encourage synergies between concerned Lebanese and contribute to Take Security Back.

Khalil Sehnaoui

Zouheir Abdallah

Mario Abi Fadel

Jean Abou Assi

Melissa Aoun

Dany Bou Boutros

Edgard Chammas

Rami Fayoumi

Donald Derek Haddad

Gen. Elias Hanna

Moophz Himself

Mohamad Hraybi

Reem Kaedbey

Georgy Kfoury

Nadim Kobeissi

Natalie Maroun

Alaa Qutaish

Georges Sassine

Simon S Tadros

Jocelyne Ziadeh

The list only contains Lebanese individuals and not companies.

This list will of course be regularly updated with new entrants as soon as we identify them.

If you know of Lebanese tweeps I may have missed, please interact with me via Twitter and I’ll be more than glad to add them.