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Will we rise again?

POST_18-IMG0When tire-burning, blocked roads, bombings, assassinations and wars become a nation’s daily life, what can you expect?

A population that is infested with psychological illnesses that are unique to the country.

Whole generations are leaving the country for a better future and opportunities, searching for a country that respects their ambitions.

I was once a helpless dreamer, full of hope, judging everyone that leaves the country for giving up and abandoning it. I always said “your country is not a hotel”, but today fear and anxiety won over me, and I have to face a very harsh reality. Lebanon entered a state of big turmoil and might not get out of it. And for the first time, I do not know if we can be resilient enough. We are tired. Will we rise again?

To dig deeper, I invite you to check the full original article in arabic here.


When a Lebanese Colonel contributes to global knowledge on governance and security

POST_15-IMG0I was very glad to stumble upon an interview, performed yesterday by Karen Boustany on MTV Lebanon, with Colonel Elias Abou Jaoudeh from the Lebanese Army.

Colonel Abou Jaoudeh was for the occasion presenting his latest book: “Rôle de la gouvernance mondiale : Défis sécuritaires et environnementaux“.

You can read a summary of his findings here and you can watch the interview on YouTube:


We can definitely “Take Security Back” with the knowledge, contribution and involvement of such officers in Lebanon.

Congratulations to Colonel Abou Jaoudeh for his great work!