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Opportunity of an absolute Unity or Risk of a complete division

POST_14-IMG0Homeland security is a major element in any western country election campaign where it is often used in economical crisis times to nourish elector’s xenophobia and win votes.

Unfortunately homeland security is a major day-to-day cruel reality for some other not “so-western” countries.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah existence divides all its citizens: it is seen by some as an opportunity for the nation to struggle against Zionism and thwart its conspiracies, while it is perceived by some others as a homeland security threat and a total affiliation for an undesirable Iranian cause.

So if the homeland security risk represented by Hezbollah is accepted by some and rejected by others, Lebanese today have a rare opportunity to be united against another homeland security risk: Salafist militias trying to make the law in Sidon and Tripoli and holding an openly non-ambiguous speech calling for sectarian civil war.

Lebanese army “Taking Security Back” in the region of Sidon could be an opportunity for finding a backbone for a nation.

This crisis is a rare opportunity that most of the Lebanese look like actually seizing.

Will today the opportunity of a Lebanese unity prevail over the risk of army division?

Will the success turn a weak army into a backbone for a strong one that would help the country become a nation?