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Contribute to take security back, spread the word

POST_20-IMG0Better be safe than sorry“, an old cliché proverb explaining that it’s preferable to be cautious in one’s  choices and actions than to suffer afterwards – The quote was also featured but under another context, Information Security. It was part of Potech Consulting’s Cyber Security Awareness Month to envision that safety should be spread on all aspects of life including Information Technology.

“Cyber security is an emerging paradigm for understanding global vulnerabilities whose proponents challenge the traditional notion of security by arguing that the proper referent for security should be the individual rather than the whole.”

While the previous definition was originally for “Human Security”, the term “Human” was replaced by “Cyber”; what’s more amazing is that it makes all sense. Human security and cyber security are two conjoint concepts where messing up with one can cause devastating repercussions over the whole system – An online misstep is able to dive you into the risk of accidently disclosing secret Information to the public, Losing Important Data or simply not having your required data upon need. Understanding the risks associated with being online can always help secure personal information and prevent identity theft and fraud.

Just like “Breast cancer awareness” and “AIDS awareness” months, October has been appointed to be National Cyber Security Awareness Month that encourages vigilance and protection by all computer users. As for Potech Consulting’s mission (A Cyber Security Consulting firm located in Lebanon), every computer user has the right to indentify Security Threats and shield against them by a simple Cyber Security Hygiene.

Knowing that Non-IT users (who are the most needing for security perception) are not usually captured by Traditional IT security awareness; Potech Consulting decided to widen awareness via a small yet very special campaign to grab those people’s minds – Through subliminal messages.
 Potech Consulting drove the awareness by submitting one security tip for every morning; each morning tip circulates over the internet with interesting “Real life threats” teasers where mitigations surprisingly are oriented into “Computer Security” best practices.

True that the awareness was particularly oriented into personal use, however enterprises will implicitly benefit from it because the weakest link in security is the human aspect.

As for the daily early publication time, it was tricky to define; each tip is daily released at 9:00 AM; when human brain is still fresh, starving for information while you grab the cup of coffee in a hand and social media in the other.

As a conclusion regarding Human and Cyber security, everybody should be involved spreading awareness. If you care for your friends, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you share and help them defend against online security threats?

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Contribute to take security back, spread the word