Contribute to take security back, spread the word

Rules and Guidelines

 If you are reading this, we would imagine you have been singled out and invited to do a Guest post on this blog. Before you start working on your post please take a minute to review our 10 golden rules and guidelines.

Thanks in advance, we look forward to working together to help creating a more secure Lebanon.

Abide by a pure scientific approach covering the security of people, premises and technology

 Stay away from any political or religious bias

 Be responsible when disclosing observed vulnerabilities in people, process or technology

 Respect people’s privacy and be extremely cautious with their personal data

 Put visual thinking to work in your posts and don’t hesitate to include infographics, photos or videos that support your arguments

 Be persistent and generous in your information sharing

 Remain constructive while depicting areas of improvement

 Note that sales pitches and commercially oriented posts will not be allowed

 Accept that your post will be moderated before publication

 Keep this teaching in mind at all times: “We must become the change we want to see in the world.” — Mahatma Ghandi

Contribute to take security back, spread the word