Contribute to take security back, spread the word

   The need for change

This blog aims at educating Lebanese citizens and raising their awareness regarding various aspects of security and safety, whether they deal with people, premises or information and communication technologies.

After so many security breaches in Lebanon leading to the loss of innocent lives and endangering the public and private sectors’ material and immaterial assets, a dire need to TAKE SECURITY BACK in Lebanon arises.

   Don’t complain …

If you believe in the following and seek a much needed change in Lebanon, then you can and must support this civilian initiative:

Acknowledge that our country is at war in both the physical and virtual worlds and in this case, we need to come up with a fighting back strategy, mobilizing all civilian and military Lebanese skills in Reconnaissance and Intelligence Gathering, Risk Analysis, Vulnerability Assessments, Incident Response, Legal capabilities, etc.

Reduce our foolish Risk Appetite and raise through all media channels, specially TV stations in Lebanon and large billboards, frequent security awareness campaigns for all Lebanese citizens. Get them to become the human surveillance of the country, its human shield! We should all collectively be able to detect suspicious activities. The attacks that have been targeting the country and its people have been duly prepared.

Stop being complacent, be bold and start accountability at home, with politicians, security apparatus chiefs, …, everyone!

Praying is necessary, but to counter state-sponsored terrorism, we should be as citizens more scientific in our fighting back approach!

Without this, we will for sure live again tragic and horrible moments like those we endured and decrease once again the price of human lives in Lebanon!

   … contribute!

The blog’s moderators are constantly identifying potential guest bloggers willing to abide by a pure scientific approach covering the security of people, premises and technology.

We will constantly feature bloggers who will cover the security of e-banking systems, others that will speak about the fundamentals of a national security strategy, first aid response, business continuity, disaster recovery, and the list goes on.

The objective is to raise awareness aside from any political or religious bias.

Contribute to take security back, spread the word