Have you met Khalil Sehnaoui, a Lebanese face of DefCon and Black Hat?

  This is the first in a series of Q&A with Lebanese cybersecurity practitioners and we have the great pleasure to start with Khalil Sehnaoui (on the right in the picture taken at DefCon22). Khalil very generously answered our questions.     TSB >> How did you get started in Infosec/Cybersecurity? Khalil >> I guess you … Continue Reading »

Why don’t you join our blogging community and Take Security Back?

Join our blogging community and help us Take Security Back in Lebanon through awareness and education! The rationale Our blog aims at educating Lebanese citizens and raising their awareness regarding various aspects of security and safety, whether they deal with people, premises or new technologies. The team Don’t complain, Contribute! Join Zouheir, Tony, Reem, Michel, Melissa, Maroun, Jocelyne and Hadi, our guest bloggers. Examples of articles … Continue Reading »

What if we started preparing for storms?

Following last week’s floods and ridiculous traffic jams caused by heavy rains, Lebanon has finally decided to become proactive about its national risk management strategy when the announcement of an upcoming storm “Alexa” was made.  Indeed, a national state of emergency has officially been declared in Lebanon and the Army, the civil defense, and other … Continue Reading »