From Lebanon to the world! Introducing the SocialHawk platform

Contribute to take security back, spread the word

POST_22-IMG0A project by definition is an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim. Well in cybersecurity, the aim is to prevent security intrusions / breaches from taking place.

Be it digitally, or in real life, a successful prevention plan consists of:

  Monitoring for any suspicious behavior

  Reacting to threats in a suitable manner.

Well, as recent events show, the digital community faced many prevention deficiencies, which could have resulted in saving lives!

A local example of such deficiencies is the unfortunate suicide attack on the Iranian embassy; the perpetrator had published his intentions on Facebook prior to the attack, but nobody was there to monitor and report. Later on, a network of suicide bombers was detected due to the analysis of the perpetrator’s social activity and interactivity with other members.

Another context is when emergency events occur, people tend to relate to the event using some sort of a keyword or more specifically a #hashtag. Thus, a monitoring tool is necessary for us to fully grasp and analyze the event from different sources.

That is why, and under the direct supervision of the Take Security Back management, we conceived SOCIAL HAWK:

A free tool for social media monitoring. Be it a hashtag, a word, a user or a pattern, the HAWK will snatch it, giving you insights to When, Where and What!

The tool currently supports Facebook and Twitter, Instagram support is coming very soon and next is Google+.


Help us spread online awareness and Contribute with the Lebanese online community to use social media in emergency management.

What are you waiting for? Start HAWKING!

Contribute to take security back, spread the word