Information Security on a Budget: Data Classification & Data Leakage Prevention

A guest post by Zouheir Abdallah, CISA, Cyber Security – Senior Specialist Q-CERT/ictQatar This article first appeared in the “Towards a Secure Cyber Space” special publication booklet 2014-2015 of the Research & Strategic Studies Center (RSSC), Lebanese Armed Forces. Not long ago, protecting information was as easy as locking documents in suitcases and safes. Physical security was … Continue Reading »

When it comes to Cybersecurity, does fear persuade or does it paralyze?

*Special mention to Dr. Robert B. Cialdini for inspiring this post’s headline. It’s one of the “50 scientifically proven ways to be persuasive“. In his book, Dr. Cialdini writes that “when the fear-producing message describes danger but the audience is not told of clear, specific, effective means of reducing the danger, they may deal with … Continue Reading »

Have you met Khalil Sehnaoui, a Lebanese face of DefCon and Black Hat?

  This is the first in a series of Q&A with Lebanese cybersecurity practitioners and we have the great pleasure to start with Khalil Sehnaoui (on the right in the picture taken at DefCon22). Khalil very generously answered our questions.     TSB >> How did you get started in Infosec/Cybersecurity? Khalil >> I guess you … Continue Reading »